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My darlings, your afternoon sweet is fresh from the oven. Are we digging “A Series of Tubes” thus far…? I’d love to hear from the Royal You out there (winkwink). I’m sending this from my solitary studio in São Paulo, and sometimes as I’m making my pages every day it feels like I’m the only person in the world.
Holla at your favorite comic-maker, yes?

A Series Of Tubes Page 04

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Yes, Jude went for the Pickle Magick™… if you know any old jews, you know how powerful that dill-and-vinegar scent really is. Anyhow, it’s about time he and the old man had a talk, right?
I’m gonna be brief here today so I can get shit done that I can announce soon.
Teasy-teasy me, I know. Back to it; see you tomorrow.
—love—> d!

A Series Of Tubes Page 03

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This is the first time we see Jude’s “sanctum” (aka “the second bedroom”); originally the 3D model for his place did contain a kids’ bedroom set up for Turi (posters and all), but when I reworked all the virtual sets a few months back, it dawned on me that a selfish cat like Joodles would rather have an unfinished place he could “workout” in. That room’s gonna wind up being real important soon.

I know… you guys looooove these delicious lil’ trivia nuggets.
See you mañana with more…

A Series Of Tubes Page 02

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LOOKIT, IT’S PAGE TWOOOO!! Did I mention I’m happy to be back here?

Truth is, I really MISSED MAKING COMICS. I’ve spent the last two months researching regional cultures here in Brazil, indigenous folklore, political history, superhero comics, trade routes of Portuguese slavers and some concepts from Tibetan Buddhism… all percolating in back-brain while front-brain typed everything into a slowly-growing-coherent structure. I hope to have more soon for you to see, but it’s probably a ways off yet.

In Le Meantime, more of “A Series of Tubes” tomorrow/weekdays; this tale is a longish one (they’re getting longer, have you noticed?), and there’s a nugget of truth in this story, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to ask me when it’s over or I’ll totally RUIN EVERYTHING. You’ll know when the weird shit hits.

Amanhã, meus amiginhos…

A Series Of Tubes Page 01

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With a crash of lightning and a blaze of color, we’re back! It was difficult to stay away, I was making notes constantly when I was supposed to be leaving RLP the hell alone, but I managed somehow. UND NOW… “A Series of Tubes” starts here.

I’ve done a chunk-a-dunk of work tweaking the site (with more to come), so stay tuned as The RLP Experience™ evolves along with its tiny human creator.

Okay then, more “A Series of Tubes” tomorrow; today, just gratitude for coming back after the break. Tell your friends and loved ones…

Coming Back

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OK so, I might’ve tweeted this a few days ago, but my break-from RLP-to-write-Mysterious-Other-Thing is over. I estimated one-to-three months and did what I needed to in two: hammered this giant mercury-blob of idea into the shape of a story. Now it’s time to let it exude its silvery radiation and bend the universe to its now-living will. And I can come back to My Mental Miami (MMM?), pop open a can of Materva, and make some comics again.

It ached in my bones to be away from Jude & Co., like being on the other side of the planet from your family; the ritual of getting up at dawn, producing a finished page and shooting it out of my brain-cannon into the gaping maw of the Google is something I’m now well-addicted to.

At least, and I hear this in my father’ voice, it’s cheaper than a coke habit.

Fathers (and fatherhood) factor pretty heavily into this next RLP yarn, “A Series of Tubes”… I’m finishing up the script now. I always work from full-script, didn’t you want to know; I always write my scripts as if they’ll be drawn by someone else… and in a way these are: I’m writing for the slower, weaker artist-brain. The part that is forever resentful of how easily my writer-brain taps into and writer-fingers tap out these stories that then make artist-brain twist itself around into solutions it’s honestly never totally happy with.

I’ve had a handful of close friends tell me lately that I should write more and draw less; I’m not sure I can see anyone else drawing RLP anytime soon, but I definitely have more stories backing up in the skull than life expectancy to get them all drawn myself. The problem is matching the right project with the right (responsible) artist; so far, my luck she not be so good with this. What say you, my fluffy little bunnies? You know a guy?

So: you’ve read down this far, and I appreciate it more than words in a blog can contain.
The new RLP stuff starts next week; be a sweetheart and tell your friends?

—love-love-love-with-a-cherry-on-top—> d!

And yes, the half-broken navigation at the top of the site should be fixed by then (gulp).

A Pregnant Pause

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Hello hello again again, RLPeeps! I’ve been back home from Miami for a week now, but we came back to a horror movie I’ve just gotta share with you:

Pre-Miami, the whole family went down to a rented beach house for the weekend, and we took our old Grandpa Cat with us to enjoy some sun and chase lizards… without noticing that he’d come home with a couple passengers that hopped off him and immediately started laying eggs around the house. Cut to three weeks later, when we get home from the airport at 7am after flying all night from the States, overjoyed to be home after two weeks of sleeping on air mattresses and cramped twin beds, and generally just missed the hell out of our little tropical hobbit hole.

As we started to put the luggage down, the floor looked… dirty, like the potting soil from our plants somehow wound up all over the wood floors. I stepped in closer to eyeball the dirt (maybe someone broke in???), and the dirt started moving. Thousands of sets of compound eyes on these dirt-grains all snapped open and the dirt began to stir, like a zombie movie: adult and starving fleas that were born while we were away were lying in wait for hot mammal blood. The newborn brood began leaping from every direction towards us, me in the living room and Lil in the bedroom, in waves of bouncing black pepper; we grabbed our yellow pages and still-packed toiletry bag and abandoned ship into the hallway to call an exterminator. I grew up in a two-dog home in FLORIDA, and this experience was a first for me. Our apartment got bombed and we had to sleep at her parents’ place (twin beds again)… then everything in the house had to be isolated, cleaned, washed, etc. The mountain of laundry is almost done now, and things are getting back to what passes for normal around here. So: that’s why you’ve not heard from me.

But now that I’m back on deck and ready to fly, here’s the rub: I’m going to have to slow down production of new Red Light Properties comics for a little while. I’m not sure how long the silence will be, but it’s definitely going to be longer than a month, hopefully shorter than three. After that, my posts will probably just be intermittent for a little while. The reason for this is that I’m forming a new studio here in São Paulo and writing a new novel-length project, and here at the early stages, I need to maintain some extended super-focus.

This is not permanent hiatus, my subconscious just needs some clear-as-a-bell time to filter/gel the new storystuff into a form I can write my script from, and then I’ll be back on deck here too. There’s so much more I’ve yet to do with RLP, I don’t even know how long I *can* keep away. I’ve got major stuff cooking for RED LIGHT PROPERTIES, on-line and off-line. The best thing to do for right now, is to make sure you’re receiving RLP via one of its feeds: you can get instant updates here via RSS or by liking the new Facebook page or via my Twitter or by signing up for the email list right there at the bottom of this page.

Anyhow, my humble apologies for this comicus interruptus. You guys really are my favorite readers, and this is far from the end of the road.
I’ll see you ASAP for realz; stay tuned for lots more RLP.

—love—> d!
P.S. You don’t even have to ask; YES I WILL TELL YOU ALLLL ABOUT THE NEW THING… when it’s time.

YES WE WILL [re-post]

On the day of President Obama’s inauguration, this story I did ran on Tor.com. I heard from a handful of people that it wasn’t viewable in Tor’s “fancy new player”, so I’m reposting it here for posterity:

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<p>On the day of President Obama&#8217;s inauguration, this story I did ran on Tor.com. I heard from a handful of people that it wasn&#8217;t viewable in Tor&#8217;s &#8220;fancy new player&#8221;, so I&#8217;m reposting it here for posterity:</p> <p><center><a href="<img alt="" src="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-01.jpg" title="yeswewill1" class="alignnone" width="600" height="425" />&#8221; rel=&#8221;lightbox[YWW]&#8221; title=&#8221;YES WE WILL, page 01&#8243; / rel=&#8221;lightbox-1458&#8243;><img src="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-01.jpg" width="475" /><a href="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-02.jpg" rel="lightbox[YWW]" title="YES WE WILL, page 02" /><br /> <a href="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-03.jpg" rel="lightbox[YWW]" title="YES WE WILL, page 03" /><a href="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-04.jpg" rel="lightbox[YWW]" title="YES WE WILL, page 04" /><a href="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-05.jpg" rel="lightbox[YWW]" title="YES WE WILL, page 05"/><a href="http://dangoldman.net/images/YWW-06.jpg" rel="lightbox[YWW]" title="YES WE WILL, page 06" />***click image to trigger slideshow w/bigger art***</center></p> <p style="border: 1px solid black; padding: 3px;"><strong>Originally published at <a href="http://dangoldman.net/2011/02/14/yes-we-will-re-post/">dangoldmandotnet</a>. You can comment here or <a href="http://dangoldman.net/2011/02/14/yes-we-will-re-post/#comments">there</a>.</strong></p>