Dan Goldman (dangoldman) wrote,

Annotated TESTAMENT #1 Available as Free Download

Consistently brain-bending and proudly talking up to its audience, Douglas Rushkoff's ongoing series TESTAMENT (published by Vertigo) is one of the smartest monthly series out there. Crisscrossing the Old Testament, media theory, sociopolitical satire and cutting-edge science, TESTAMENT posits that the Bible is not written but being written still, modern times acting out (and changing) age-old stories. I haven't turned single issues back to the front and read them twice without stopping since PROMETHEA ended and that is a great big hurrah for comics in general.

The good news for everyone is not just that the entire first issue is available online for free download, but the great news is that Douglas has written pages of notes for the issue as well. Anyone familiar with Rushkoff's volumes of work would surely welcome a peek inside his overclocked head; spread the link, tell your friends, loved ones and lovers. TESTAMENT's reached its first year and getting better with every issue.
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