Dan Goldman (dangoldman) wrote,

A New America Begins Now

I can’t believe everything that’s happening in the last month, the last week, the last 24 hours. Sitting here by my window, the overcast sky over New York City hums with ozone as I continue my year-long marathon to keep pace in-comics with a reality quickly cooling into history. I’m entering the final stretch now as Mike Crowley and my sociopolitical-document-in-comics goes off to press in time for Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the happiest news I’ve heard in eight dark years, I’d like to unveil the final cover art for 08, now available for pre-order on Amazon, Powell’s Books and Barnes & Noble

That’s it for today; there’s miles to run and Palins to draw before I sleep.
See you on the other side, America.

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Tags: 08: a graphic diary
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